In Romeo and Juliet what could be written about the quote "Come hither, Nurse. What is yond gentleman?"?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Act I, Scene 5, Juliet is already interested in Romeo.  They just met at the ball, but it was love at first sight.  Juliet does not even know Romeo’s name!  She wants to find out, but she does not want Nurse to know who she is really interested in, so she asks about several different partygoing males.  The first one she points to is “the son and heir of old Tiberio” (p. 34).  Juliet then asks about another boy, and the finally Romeo. 

When Juliet learns Romeo’s name, she is crushed.

My only love, sprung from my only hate!

Too early seen unknown, and known too late! (p. 34)

When Nurse asks her about this, she replies that it is just “a rhyme” she just learned (p. 34).  Thus even before Juliet knew that Romeo was her enemy and loving him was forbidden, she tried to keep his identity a secret.  Juliet is being careful.  It shows that although she is in love she still is cautious.  She wants her privacy, and does not seem to fully trust Nurse.

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