Romeo and Juliet make mistakes, but so do the so-called adults in their lives.  What ultimately leads to the tragedy of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet?

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I think that the issue here is to discuss how the adults in the drama have helped to exacerbate the situation causing the death of their children.  For Romeo and Juliet, their mistakes were made because of their parents' strife.  It is highly conceivable that if the parents did not have so much animosity, the kids' plan to be together and to fake death that eventually led to real death would not have been needed.  The mistakes of the parents were to naturally presume that their own strife would be carried on by the children.  When Lord and Lady Capulet essentially disown Juliet when she refuses to marry Paris, it is a sign that the sins of the parents would not be revisited upon the daughter. It is also a sign that the child must embrace danger in order to find happiness.  It becomes evident that the drama depicts the parental opposition to their children's happiness as the reason why the kids have to do what they do.  Shakespeare makes it clear that parents who silence the voices and wishes of their children for their own benefit end up experiencing more bad than good.  This ends up leading to the tragic events of the drama.

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