Romeo & Juliet Culture I have to write a essay on Romeo & Juliet and i am struggling with the culture paraghragh and what i can write about for their time the 1500s. Help would be great on what i can write in the paraghraph about the culture in Romeo & Juliet. Thanks - Jenny

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Patriarchal values are certainly a motif of Shakespeare's Romeo and JulietAct III, Scenes 4 and 5 illustrate this motif as Lord Capulet callously demands that Juliet marry Paris despite her protestations.  Obviously, too, the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets is refeuled by the patriarchs of the family as seen in Act I.

I agree with post 7 that women's rights, particularly a young girls rights, is important to understand.  A woman like Juliet could not work.  She would not have been taught any trade skills other than running a household.  A wealthy woman would not have even know how to raise her children because there would have been a nurse and/or a governess.  There were very few jobs open to woman at all and certainly less options for a woman of affluence.  A woman was expected to marry and have children.  Most fathers selected the husband for their daughters.  Arranged marriages were common and never refused.  While we may think Juliet was foolish for pretending to be...

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