In "Romeo and Juliet," compare Romeo's love for Rosaline to his love for Juliet.

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Romeo's love for Rosaline was really nothing more than a boyish infatuation. Like a lot of inexperienced and immature young men, Romeo mistook lust for feelings of romantic love. At first blush, it seems that Romeo's love for Juliet falls into the same category. But it soon becomes clear that there's something special about her which sets her apart from Rosaline. For one thing, her beauty is transcendent in a way that Rosaline's could never be. Rosaline is indeed a very beautiful young lady, but her beauty doesn't have anything like the same effect on Romeo as Juliet's. When Romeo first casts eyes on Juliet it's as if he's never seen beauty before. That's how he knows that his love for her is different; and that's how he—and the audience—knows that it's real.

Romeo has a reputation for loving the idea of love, so at first, his love for Rosaline looks very similar to his love for Juliet. In both situations, Romeo does not actually know much about the young women he claims to love; he...

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