In Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, what is Tybalt's physical appearance?

Expert Answers
rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Tybalt's appearance is not really described. We know that he is young, and a bit of a hothead, eager to defend his family's honor and his own against perceived insults. For example, he is restrained by Lord Capulet at the family masquerade when he attempts to fight Romeo, who has showed up in costume. But the only description of Tybalt comes from Mercutio, who says he is "a very tall man." But even Mercurio is more focused on Tybalt's skills as a duellist. He describes him as a "very butcher of a silk button," and a gentle man (i.e., a skilled duellist) of the first house." Of course, Tybalt is as good as Mercutio thinks he is--he winds up killing Mercutio after Romeo initially refuses his challenge to a duel. Given his skills with a rapier, it is likely that Tybalt would have been portrayed as a tall, slender, and most important, young man.