Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Review Help1. What part does Romeo play in the deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt? 2. Why must Romeo escape? 3. What was the Prince's Punishment? What could it have been? 4. What...

Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Review Help

1. What part does Romeo play in the deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt?

2. Why must Romeo escape?

3. What was the Prince's Punishment? What could it have been?

4. What did Juliet give to the nurse to deliver to Romeo?

5. What did the Friar have for Romeo?

6. What does Lady Capulet believe is causing Juliet's sorow?

7. what did the Friar think of the Prince's punishment? what did Romeo think of it?

8. What were Lord capulet's plans for Juliet?

9.How did Juliet respond and how did Lord Capulet threaten her?

10. What advice did the Nurse give Juliet?

11. What reason did Juliet give for visiting the Friar? Why did she really go?

12. How did Jiet's relationship with the Nurse change during this act? Why?

13. The Prince banished Romeo for killing Tybalt, and Lord Capulet threatend to disown Juliet if she disobeyed. Seem fair? What motivated each one?

14. At this point, what might resolve the conflicts/complications that have taken place?

Expert Answers
sfwriter eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1) Mercutio baits Tybalt (Mercutio is on Romeo's -- the Montagues' side, though he is not a Montague) and Tybalt kills Mercutio.  Out of rage at the death of his friend, and also somewhat in self-defense, Romeo kills Tybalt.  Romeo is indirectly responsible for Mercutio's death (for the feud between the Capulets and Montagues is the reason Tybalt was so angry with Mercutio when he taunted him -- not because Mercutio was a Montague, but because he "consorted" with the Montagues), and directly responsible for Tybalt's death.

2) Romeo is banished to Mantua by the Prince of the city.  He must escape the city before the watchmen are out, so he is not in violation of his sentence of banishment. 

3) The punishment for Romeo was banishment.  It could have easily have been death.

4) Juliet sends the Nurse to Romeo with a ring.

5) A plan.  The Friar tells Romeo how he should go to see Juliet, and then escape the city.

6) Lady Capulet thinks that Juliet is sad about Tybalt's death.

7) The Friar thinks it is most lenient.  Romeo thinks that it is hateful, because he will be separated from Juliet.

8) Capulet's plan is for Juliet to marry the nobleman Paris.

9) Juliet refuses, and Capulet is so angry he disowns her and says that she can starve in the streets unless she marries Paris.

10)  The Nurse wants Juliet to commit bigamy and marry Paris.

11) To go to confession.  She went to marry Romeo.

12) Juliet no longer feels support from her nurse, since the nurse suggested she commit bigamy and marry Paris. 

13)  For the time the Prince's banishment of Romeo was extremely lenient.   Capulet's anger at Juliet's refusal was to be expected for the time.  It wasn't fair, but it was the custom for daughters of nobility to marry whoever their parents told them to.  Capulet sees the match with Paris as advantageous for his family.  The Prince hopes to cool the resentment between the families by a lenient punishment.

14)  If Juliet had told her parents that she was married to Romeo (or if Romeo had told them) the crisis could have been averted.  Even if Juliet had been disowned by her parents, she could have fled with Romeo to Mantua and lived in exile. 

amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Put yourself into the shoes of the person in each question.  While you've gotten some good answers here, you should be able to come up with alternative reasons/motives for each character just by imagining the same thing happening to you or one of your friends today.  The theme of young, forbidden love hasn't died out or become passe.  Every mother or father forbids their sons and daughters to see certain people's called parenting.  Now, how would you feel about this?  What would you do?  What does Juliet/Romeo do? Feel?  Where can you find examples or evidence of this in the play?

Good Luck!

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