romantic poetryIs Nature a dominant theme in Romantic Poetry?    

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Indeed, the motif of nature is dominant in much Romantic poetry.  Some of the Romantics, especially the American William Cullen Bryant, were attracted to the philosophy of deism which held that divity could be found in nature.  Another factor  for Americans was the fact that they were in immediate contact with everything that supported this philosophy by living close to nature on settled countrysides.

In Europe, while Neoclassicism was cosmopolitan, occurring in the urban setting, Romanticism broke from the urban to the beautiful countryside of western Massachusetts where writers found in their surroundings metaphors to express their sense of correspondence between human life and the life of nature.  After Bryant, Dickinson, and later Robert Frost and Richard Wilbur became intimate with the whispering wind and shadows of the Brekshires and the nearby Green Mountains.  All these poets made their natural surroundings past of the landscape of American Romantic poetry.