The Romantic Era what are the significant and profound events during the romantic age ( about social,political life and wars)

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The Industrial Revolution was probably the most important event, as were the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. Another event that had major repercussions among European intellectuals was the Greek revolt against Ottoman rule from 1821-1832. It was inspirational to many Romantic writers and painters, including Eugene Delacroix and Lord Byron, who died of illness after coming to Greece to join the rebels. Other pivotal events included the liberal nationalistic revolutions in various countries in 1820, in France in 1832, and almost everywhere in Europe in 1848.

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I suppose the most profound event was the Industrial Revolution.  This did more to change the everyday lives of everyone in society than any war or political change could have.  After that, perhaps the two biggest things were the American and French Revolutions.

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