Discuss the romantic element of her poetry.     

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If we were to speak from a general point of view about Naidu's work, I think that we can draw some references from Romanticism.  The lyrical nature of her work is highly Romantic.  When she asserts that her voice is akin to birds' singing, one is reminded of how the Romantic thinkers saw poetry, nature, and individual voice as nearly inseparable.  The fact that Naidu did not flee from her culture and integrated it openly in her writing is also Romantic.  It is akin to Romanticism because it seeks to bring the subjective experience into one's work and because it also does not hesitate to bringing a new narrative into the discussion, widening the understanding of the discourse.  Romantic thinkers were driven and animated by the idea of including more voices and Naidu sought to bring her Indian voice into her work.  Finally, similar to Lord Byron and other Romantic thinkers who pledged their loyalty to political causes as an extension of their work, Naidu was highly active in the Indian struggle for Independence and the need to bring unity to the subcontinent schism between Hindus and Muslims.