What is a comparative of these two poems: Roman Fountain by Louise Bogan and The Fountain by Donald Davie?   Roman Fountain by Louise BoganUp from the bronze, I sawWater without a flawRush to its rest in air,Reach to its rest, and fall.Bronze of the blackest shade,An element man-made,Shaping upright the bareClear gouts of water in air.O, as with arm and hammer, Still it is good to striveTo beat out the image whole,To echo the shout and stammerWhen full-gushed waters, alive,Strike on the fountain's bowlAfter the air of summer. The Fountain by Donald DavieFeathers up fast, and steeples; then in clodsThuds into its first basin; thence as surfSmokes up and hangs; irregularly slopsInto its second, tattered like a shawl;There, chill as rain, stipples a danker green,Where urgent tritons lob their heavy jets.For Berkeley this was human thought, that mountsFrom bland assumptions to inquiring skies,There glints with wit, fumes into fancies, playsWith its negations, and at last descends,As by a law of nature to its bowlOf thus enlightened but still common sense.We who have no such confidence must gazeWith all the more affection on these forms,These spires, these plumes, these calm reflections, theseSimilitudes of surf and turf and shawl,Graceful returns upon acceptances.We ask of fountains only that they play,Though that was not what Berkeley meant at all.  

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These two poems of modern free form structure and concept, impressionistically describe fountains actions. Bogan's stops at a description while Davie's associates a description with a antithetical comparison to "Berkeley" for whom a fountain was a metaphor for

... human thought, that mounts
From bland assumptions to inquiring skies,
There glints with wit, fumes into fancies, plays
With its negations....

The difference between the two poems is that while Bogan's stops at the object described, Davie's extends the object to a metaphysical and philosophical consideration.

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