In the Roman Empire were the consuls the ones who had the most decision making power or was it the Emperor?  

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It was definitely the emperor who had the decision-making power during the Roman Empire.  The consuls became much less important, to the point where it was a largely ceremonial position.

During the Republic, the consuls had a great deal of power.  They were sort of like monarchs who reigned for only a set period of time.  When the imperial period began, this obviously became impossible.  You could not have consuls with the power of monarchs in a system where you also had a monarch.  Therefore, the emperor took most of the consuls's power to himself.  This extended to the point where the emperors typically gave the consulship out to favorites or relatives as a symbol of favor.  There were even times when children were consuls.  As can be seen from this, the consuls were in no way as powerful or important as the emperors.