To Sir, with Love Questions and Answers
by E. R. Braithwaite

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What is the role of patience in To Sir, with Love?

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Patience plays a fairly important role in Braithwaite's narrative.  On one hand, Braithwaite, himself, shows patience with teaching.  He does not immediately quit nor does he rashly discredit his students when the initial challenges were evident.  Braithwaite displayed patience in changing his philosophy of teaching and working with his students.  Even with the change in approach, the students tested Braitwaite's patience, and he did not waver.  At the same time, patience was evident was in how Braithwaite worked with the individual students such as Denham and Pamela Dare to ensure that they understand from where he is approaching them and to make sure that they know he is their advocate.  At the same time, patience is evident in how Braithwaite works with his colleagues.  While he encounters a great deal of resistance and inertia from the staff about what Braithwaite is trying to do, he does not allow this to deter him.  This patience highlights how important the quality is in working with children and in school settings.

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