What is the role of the entrepreneur in import and export promotion? 

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As previously mentioned, an entrepreneur is someone who tries to take a risk in starting a business. Let's take a look at exports and imports next—an export is any good or service that is purchased and sent out outside a country, whereas imports are goods that are brought in. Export promotion happens when the government encourages exports in some way, be it though providing subsidies, tax exemptions, or lines of credit. Therefore, an entrepreneur can play a role in export promotion by demonstrating the profitability of trade to the country, further encouraging the government to encourage trade or promote exportation. Likewise, entrepreneurs can encourage importation by growing their business and bringing in raw materials in order to produce their goods.

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Entrepreneurs are people who take on some sort of risk as they try to innovate in order to exploit a business opportunity.  They are the pioneers of business who try (and sometimes fail) to do things that have not been done before.  Entrepreneurs are, therefore, very important in promoting imports and exports.  They hunt for opportunities to make money by importing and/or exporting.  Because they are constantly trying to find new business ventures, they come up with lots of new ideas for (in this case) importing and exporting.  By doing so, they drive the growth of importing and exporting. 

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