What role has the Non-Aligned Movement had on world affairs after the Cold War ended?

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The Non-Aligned Movement was an organization whose primary purpose was to not side with either side of the Cold War nations.  Once The Cold War was over the Non-Aligned Movement stood at the so-called 'crossroads' of its existence. In order for The Non-Aligned Movement to remain revelant in a post Cold War era it had to re-define it's mission. It is clear that the Non-Aligned Movement in a post 2000 world has shifted its focus from one of not taking sides to one that has a clear voice involving the issues of  economic globalization, human rights violations and their impact on the less developed nations of the world. The original philosophy of this organization was to remain neutral, however since 2000 the philosophy has an activist nature and intent. Two major isssues that the movement has concentrated on since 2000 are economic globalization and autonomy between the nations of the world.

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