How Does Iago Manipulate Cassio

Roderigo, Cassio and Othello are all manipulated by Iago, but how are they different? How do the three comment on each other as characters?


In Shakespeare's Othello

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Iago is the spider who weaves his web that will "ensnare them all."  But the methods Iago uses for each of these three characters are indicative of their intellect, integrity, and passions.  For Roderigo, Iago appeals to his sexual desire to obtain Desdemona for his own.  Roderigo is easily manipulated.  All Iago has to do is mention Desdemona as bait, and Roderigo will do whatever Iago asks:  sell his lands, give Iago more money, follow Iago to Cyprus, pick a fight with Cassio.  Iago's main method of persuasion with Roderigo is repetition:  "Put money in thy purse," Iago tells Roderigo over and over again.

Cassio is more of a challenge for Iago.  Cassio is a courtier with good looks, fine manners, and a good education.  Cassio's weakness is that he cannot hold his licquor.  So, Iago gets him drunk, and sends Roderigo to pick a fight with him.  This fight has consequences beyond Iago's wildest dreams, ending with Cassio wounding Montano and losing his position as...

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