The Rocking-Horse Winner Questions and Answers
by D. H. Lawrence

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What is Uncle Oscar's role in "The Rocking-Horse Winner?"  

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Uncle Oscar is first used for purposes of exposition through dramatic dialogue. He finds out that Paul is winning money on the horses and that he is in partnership with the family gardener whose last name is Bassett. Both Paul and Bassett explain to Uncle Oscar, in extensive dialogue involving many questions and answers, that Paul picks the winning horses, and they tell him to his amazement how much money they have won so far. Paul does not need Uncle Oscar to handle the betting or to keep the money, but he wants to give his mother five thousand pounds out of his winnings without having her know where the money came from. Uncle Oscar can handle this, whereas neither Paul nor Bassett would know how to do it.

They managed it very easily. Paul, at the other's suggestion, handed over five thousand pounds to his uncle, who deposited it with the family lawyer, who was then to inform Paul's mother that a...

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