Is Robinson Crusoe a middle class hero?

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What a great question! I'd never considered it from this angle before but now that you've thrown it out I think the novel could very well be viewed in that light. It is a kind of morality tale after all, with all that self-sufficiency and making the best of what's available, not to mention a bit of exploitation of the socially inferior. It's like a reproof to the great unwashed, the poor and the feckless who apparently expect a free ride from those who punch in a day's work for their living. Yes, the more I think of it the more I think he is a middle class hero.

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In my opinion Crusoe was not a "middle-class hero" instead he was a "middle-class merchant" ,a "miraculous survivor" and he possessed no true qualities of a heo.He was egocentic, self indulgent, he had self pity and he was cold.The only emotions he had were, anxiety & fear for his own suvival.Crsusoe had no reason to be considered a hero ..... 

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