To what destination are the man and the boy journeying?

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the novel, The Road, the two main characters are on a journey to the coast. They are unyielding to get there. The whole structure of the novel goes towards this final destination. However, the idea of the road or journey is highly symbolic as well.

On one level, the journey or road symbolizes the pursuit of something better in a world that has gone awry in a serious way. As the novel progresses, the readers come to realize that humanity is seriously compromised as most humans have become bestial and uncaring. For instance, the man and the boy constantly need to be aware of cannibalistic gangs.

On another level, the journey or road symbolizes hope. The man and the boy do not give up hope. They believe that the road will lead to a better place. There believe that there are others like them, that is people who have not given up hope on humanity.