What does the fact that electronic equipment was not removed from the pharmacy suggest about the catastrophe that ended the world in The Road, Section 15? 

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The fact that no one took electronic equipment demonstrates that the catastrophic event destroyed modern society.

All of the food is missing from the pharmacy, but the electronic equipment is still there. 

The pharmacy was looted but the store itself was oddly intact.  Expensive electronic equipment stood unmolested on the shelves. (p. 103)

In a pre-apocalyptic world, the expensive electronics would have been taken first.  Ironically, they are now worthless.  The event that destroyed civilization also took out the electrical grid.  No electricity means no gadgets.

Symbolically, the electronics represent a society that no longer exists.  They are the modern, civilized people who came before.  Now there is madness, devastation, and roving cannibals.  Throughout the book, anything from the former society that still exists is described as “oddly intact.”  Almost everything is destroyed, except a few reminders of the past.

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