In "The Road Not Taken," the speaker writes in his diary the night he makes his decision. Write his thoughts. 

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Dear Diary, 

Today, I was offered a promotion. It sounds tempting, but I quite like my current job, colleagues, and where I live. I'll have to move to another city if I accept the promotion, but it does mean a lot of extra money. I'm sorely tempted to accept it, would mean leaving behind the woman I have been seeing and fear I love, as our relationship is not yet advanced enough for me to propose, and commuting to court her would, I fear, do more damage than good to the relationship. 

It's so frustrating, though. I cannot see where either choice will ultimately lead. If I accept the promotion, I may find that I am miserable with my new boss and colleagues and city; if I refuse and stay here, though, I may well regret passing up this singular opportunity for the hope of love.

Most people would probably take the promotion and take their chances, but I don't think money is as important to me as happiness. I think I'll stay. Perhaps someone will offer me a promotion in the future and I'll have another chance, but...what are the odds?