In "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Graves, why does the narrator state that taking the road less traveled has made all the difference?

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The narrator of “The Road Not Taken” faces a major decision. Which one of these two roads should he follow? Here the images of the roads are used as metaphors for two different paths in life. While each decision we make impacts our own future in some way, a few key decisions carry more weight than others. These could include choices of schools or colleges, jobs or careers, personal relationships, residences, travels, etc. The narrator decides in the end to take the road “less traveled,” meaning the least popular one or the more uncommon of the two choices. Then he allows himself to think ahead to a day in the future, when he’ll be telling other people that the path he chose on this day is responsible for the way his life turned out. He sees this as a significant moment. Will it be meaningful in a good or a bad way? We don’t know. And at this point, neither does he.

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