Rise of totalitarianism - BB v Stalin I am writing an essay comparing the ruling of Big Brother and Stalin. The prompt is as follows: Compare and contrast the means of control used in the fictional regime of BigBrother and a totalitarian regime in history. Focus on how each regime comes to powerAND keeps power. As little information that the book contains on how Big Brother came to power, I knew this wouldn't be the easiest part of the essay. I am currently slacking on comparisons and have only propaganda as a shared tool to rise to power as a leader. Are there similarities or important pieces of text I should refer to? Thank you.

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I would also concentrate on propaganda. How is the truth twisted? Compare the Doublespeak and rewriting of history to Stalin's regime. Remember, control the information and you control the people. Orwell was definitely considering this. Remember that Orwell said "in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
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I would look at the use of informants and fear in both the book and the USSR.  In the book, you have the Spies and other such people who are always primed to inform on anyone acting in ways the Party doesn't like.  This fear of being informed on helps keep people in line.  This is a major way in which power is kept in the book and it is analogous to Stalin's use of informers and secret police in the USSR.

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