is the right to access social media protected under international human rights?

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If you are asking about the fact that Law Enforcement Agencies have the ability to access logs of your activity of your page and that the social networking sights are required by law to keep a long for, if I'm correct, 5 years of your activity on their website then I would have to say yes. Simply because you have to factor in the good it does; such as looking at logs of cyber-bulling, internet fraud, etc. Also we cannot expect any privacy on the internet considering anyone has the ability to get on the internet. A lot of people skip over reading the Terms of Use and User Agreements on the sites and they overlook that they have agreed to share this information with the site and have given them permission to log all of the information. So really since you have given permission for them to do it there is no violation other than someone not reading something equal to a contract before they click the "I Agree" box and submit.