Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet

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Does Richard Roma have a hidden agenda?

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One of the many surprises in David Mamet's excellent play Glengarry Glen Ross is Ricky Roma's revelation of his crafty and venal character at the very end. Roma has pretended to share in Shelly Levene's triumph when the aging salesman bursts into the office and announces that he just finished selling eight units of Mountain View for $82,000 and is "back on the board." Roma wants to hear all about the sale. He keeps calling him "Levene the Machine," praising and flattering him, defending him from Dave Moss, and finally suggesting that he would like to go into partnership with Shelly. He shows what he has in mind in the following:

"Shel: I want to talk to you. I've wanted to talk to you for some time. For a long time, actually. I said, "The Machine, there's a man I would work with. There's a man. . . . You know? I never said a thing. I should have, don't know why I didn't. And that shit you were slinging on my guy today was so good . . . it...

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