Rewrite history in a brief article like Winston did with Comrade Ogilvy in 1984. 

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This is a very good question to be asked. It is important to be fully aware of the background of this command that Winston responds to in Chapter 4 of this text. Because of the constant purgings and the way that people may be praised by Big Brother one minute and become "unpersons" the next, history and the news needs to be constantly edited and changed to reflect present political rIf ealities rather than past truths. As a result, the disagrace that Withers and the FFCC has fallen into means that Winston needs to rewrite an article that had praised them in the past. Note Winston's thought processes as he thinks through how to approach this task:

He might turn the speech into the usual denunciation of traitors and thought-criminals, but that was a little too obvious; while to invent a victory at the front, or some triumph of over-production of the Ninth Three-Year Plan, might complicate the records too much. What was needed was a piece of pure fantasy.

Winston realises that rewriting history has its own problems as other realities might need to be altered as well. Therefore it is a much better idea to invent an event in order to avoid the risk of having contradictory reports of present events. Something unconnected to anything else is best. A modern day equivalent, especially in this time of global recession, might be a story to make people feel happy and to distract them from their concerns and worries. Perhaps something rather simple, like a mother who manages to save her child from an attack from a wild beast unscathed, or a boy's pet dog that finds help when his master is hurt and in need of medical attention. These imaginary stories should serve to fill the readership with hope when the reality is that the powers behind their creation want to distract the public from unpleasant truths or how history has been altered.

Hopefully this will give you a few good ideas for your article. Good luck!