Rewrite the following sentences using words in the bold so that they express the same meaning. 1 - Alice parked her car four hundred meters away from the hotel. distance 2 - Today's newspaper revealed some interesting facts about global warming. revelations

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I am assuming that in the first sentence, distance is mentioned to prompt the writer to convert meters into yards or feet. Four hundred meters is about 437 yards. A rewrite might say, "Alice parked her car about 440 yards from the hotel." You could also say "Alice parked her car about 1,300 feet from the hotel." You might, additionally, say, "Alice could not get close to her hotel, so parked about four and half football fields away." However, if your instructor simply wants you to reword the sentence to use the word distance, you could write, "Alice parked her car at a distance of 400 meters from the hotel."

In the second sentence, if you simply need to use the word revelations, you could write: "Today's newspaper contained some interesting revelations about global warming". If the intent, however, is to add some details about specific revelations to the sentence, which would, in fact, make it much stronger, you could write something like: "The newspaper contained the following revelations about global warming: scientists now say the major Antarctic ice sheets are melting at a much faster rate than previously believed and will raise sea levels XX inches by the year XXX." (You could easily look up some statistics.)

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To rewrite the following these sentences using  the words  'distance' and 'revelations' should not be too difficult if you have a good grasp of vocabulary and a reasonable level of English comprehension - reading lots of different kinds of books and literature will grow your vocabulary subtly without too much work, so it's important to approach these sentences calmly, and perhaps with a dictionary or thesaurus close by! The you can adapt them and rewrite so that they express the same meaning.

For example, 

 'Alice parked her car four hundreds meters away from the hotel.'

could be rewritten as

 'Alice parked her car at four hundred metres distance from the hotel.' 

but this might be quite boring, so you could add in details like the road or highway or maybe a car park or her emotional state as she parked if it's creative writing. Likewise ...

'Today's newspaper revealed some interesting facts about global warming.'

could be written as

'There were interesting revelations about global warming in the newspapers today.'

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