Rewrite the equation 4(2x-3y)=5(x+3y) so that y is a function of x.

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You need to open the brackets both sides such that:

`8x - 12y = 5x + 15y`

You need to isolate all terms in y to the left side and all terms in x to the right side such that:

`-12y - 15y = -8x + 5x`

`-27y = -3x`

Dividing by -27 both sides yields:

`y = (-3x)/-27 =gt y = x/9`

Hence, you should write y as a function of x such that: `y = f(x) = x/9.`

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Distribute the 4 and the 5

8x-12y = 5x+15y

Move the like terms to the same side:


combine the terms:


divide by -27 as we are trying to get y alone:


both 3 and 27 share the common factor of 3 so divide both by 3

y= x/9

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Expanding, we get:


Shifting all the y's to the left and x's to the right, we get:





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