Rewrite the 2nd paragraph of the D. of I., starting from "We hold these truths" and ending at "submitted to a candid world."

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I cannot write an essay or a paragraph for you, as E-notes is not this type of service. As an editor, I can however explain the meaning of the 2nd paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. It is important to remember that the document had three purposes; a theory of government, a list of grievances, and a declaration of war.

Jefferson had two specific points to make in the 2nd paragraph. The first point was to clarify Enlightenment Philosophy. It expressed the beliefs in human rights and democracy that at that time were revolutionary, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are unalienable, cannot be taken away, and governments are ruled by the consent of the governed. The second point lay in his ingenious ability to craft language that offered a sound argument (which he knew would be read and evaluated all the world) by using the very British law and precedent that the King deprived Britain's colonials. He described the injuries that the king repeated upon the colonies equivalent to tyranny, and Jefferson was in essence exposing the the tyrant to the world.

Here is a sample of how to paraphrase, or rewrite, using one sentence of the paragraph:

  • In order to protect these rights, governments are formed among people. These governments gain their powers to do justice from the people's choice that they should have such powers.
bor | Student

Compare the Mecklenberg DOI's language, it was said to have been published a year before Jefferson's, though there is no proof of this assertion.


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