Review the visions set forth by Old Major at the beginning of Animal Farm, and discuss how his visions have been altered since his death.

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amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Old Major's original vision included complete equality for all animals.  It outlined that all animals would work, but that they would have a field to frolick in when they became too old to work--a utopia of sorts, and retirment plan.  He specifically said that no animal would kill another animal, no animal would live in a house or wear clothes or drink alcohol. 

Of course, when Old Major dies, much of his vision is altered.  The pigs take over and use propaganda techniques, along with the illiterate nature of the animals, to manipulate the vision into something that benefits the pigs only.  The pigs are clearly above the other animals.  They move into the house, wear clothing, sleep in beds, drink alcohol, and take more of the food than they deserve.  They train dogs to keep the other animals in fearful submission, and no one ever retires into the green pastures to spend the rest of their lives in pleasure.  In fact, Boxer (the hardest working and most loyal servant) is "sold" to the glue factory.