Please provide a review of The Oz Principle.  

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Well, first, it would be beneficial to understand the difference between a summary and a book review (especially considering the latter is the assignment you have been given).  A summary is a review of the plot of the book or an explanation of the different things discussed.  A review is truly opinion oriented.  It does have some summary material, but resembles what you might find on the back cover of a book or the inside front flap.  That being said, we can learn a lot from the full title of the work which is The Oz Principle:  Getting Results Through Individual and Organizational Accountablity.

Considering that this is a book about workplace accountability, it is interesting that a book review would hold the book, itself, accountable. This book does, in fact, accurately portray how both individuals and organizations can be accountable for their own success within the capitalistic world of business.  The key, according to this book, is "personal ownership" of both the company and of success.  This must be felt on all levels of the organization.  I completely agree.  For if an employee doesn't feel that he or she has much to do with the success of the company, the company will not prosper through that employee.  With that responsibility, the employee will suddenly make the organizational goals their own and work for success at a high level.  In regards to the title, the book has this to say:

[The Wizard of Oz] recounts a journey towards awareness, and from the beginning of that journey, the story's main characters gradually learn that they possess the power within themselves to get the results they want.

Connors, Smith, and Hickman insist that exactly the same is true in the business world.

In conclusion, probably the most important thing to note is that The Oz Principle:  Getting Results Through Individual and Organizational Accountability has truly become the bible in regards to accountability in the workplace.  Keep in mind that it was first published in the early nineties and is still being used in a widespread fashion today..

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