Review the following Psychology Today article. How can this information be beneficial to a supervisor?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The article from Psychology Today "CWH" deals with the reality of many supervisors: that, with many different employees come a myriad of personality types that will have to be considered regardless of whether they are difficult or amiable.

A supervisor is likely to become exposed to certain personality types that will require the same level of attention and the same degree of objectiveness at the time of evaluation. The article offers guidelines by which a supervisor can do his or her job and, at the same time, deal with these inevitable situations.

The first step is to anticipate and be prepared. This means that, as you get to know you employees better, you should know what to expect from each one. They will not change nor detour from their ways for you. Hence, expect the expected and deal accordingly.

The second step is to not feed the monster, that is, do not reinforce their behavior by fueling the situation more. Instead, one must learn to "agree to disagree" like the article states.

The third steps is to not take things personal. Even though it is hard and an employee who is passive-aggressive or overly-defensive will try to attack you personally when they do not agree with you, take the upper-hand by demonstrating that their opinion does not affect you in any negative way. That bounces the energy back to the person.

Finally, the article asks that "you" statements and sarcastic statements are avoided as much as possible. It is better to avoid than to have to remedy a mistake made by one's impulses. These are the most imperative things to consider when working in a position of leadership.