is revenge in wuthering heights connected to love?

eggebraaan | Student

To be honest, it's just easier to look as revenge, hate and love as the same thing when it comes to Cathy and Heathcliff.  That's pretty broad because the novel is so filled with all three but you have to understand that nobody chose Cathy's life for her. She could have married Heathcliff, she could have defied Hindley and she could have defied societal pressure but she didn't. Heathcliff loved Cathy to the point of obsession but his revenge was on her, not Hindley and Edgar, they were just pawns to exact revenge on Cathy. Of course Heathcliff enjoyed besting both of the men he hated but never think that his concentration ever wandered from his life and soul which was Cathy.

hist | Student

ohh yes it is,, heathcliff took revenge on hindlay,,edgar because they were the reason  CATHY could not be with heathcliff


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