In "Revelation" by Flannery O'Conner, why is it appropriate that the two major settings for the action in this story are a doctor's waiting room and a "pig parlor"?

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The doctor’s waiting room and pig parlor are appropriate places for Mrs. Turpin’s revelations because they are both places where she puts her needs above those of others.

In the doctor’s office, Mrs. Turpin assumes she is the most important person there.  Yet doctor’s offices cater to sick people.  Mrs. Turpin is neither the most important person nor the sickest person there. 

There was one vacant chair and a place on the sofa occupied by a blond child in a dirty blue romper who should have been told to move over and make room for the lady.

Mrs. Turpin is not sick.  She is there to accompany her husband, who got kicked by a cow.  She is just selfish,...

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