Retell the main events that Jerry might tell his best friend or to his own son later in life.This question is from "Through the Tunnel."

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A good place to start with this question would be to think about what Jerry himself has learned or gained from this experience - or perhaps more precisely, how he has changed as a result of going through the tunnel. This would give you a focus point to start your answer. I guess one of the things you would have to focus on is what Jerry is like before - think about his relationship with his mother and how he reacts to the boys he sees diving and the need he feels to be accepted - and then how he has after - again with his mother and his apparent lack of desire to be with the boys again. Of course, you will also need to spend time focussing on the actual journey through the tunnel itself - the sense of danger and the very real threat of drowning that Jerry underwent. And no doubt you will need to spend time closing with the sense of elation he felt on achieving his task! Hope this helps - just a few pointers to guide you.

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