Adrienne Rich

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In response to Emily Dickinson's letter to T.W. Higginson, Adrienne Rich writes I Am in Danger - Sir -. What is the main point of Rich's poem?

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Adrienne Rich is a complex person who uses her poetry to explore many diverse and controversial topics. She has been lauded and criticized for her efforts and she has pushed boundaries in her attempts to develop her art whilst remaining in touch with her reality. Rich's poem I Am In Danger- Sir- is a direct quotation from a letter of renowned poet Emily Dickinson which Dickinson wrote to her mentor Thomas Higginson, an advocate for women's rights in the early twentieth century. The main point of Rich's poem is to remind women to stand up for their beliefs and to not be bullied or persuaded against their own better judgment. Emily Dickinson is a good example, in Rich's estimation, of a woman who remained true to herself. 

Rich confirms that she writes about people, particularly women who inspire her, and Emily Dickinson...

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