Respond in a post of no less than 200 words with constructive criticism of another student's post. Do the examples they chose relate well to the "limit." Is their writing and explanation clear? After carefully reviewing the limits of Everyday Thinking. One of the examples that I choose to use is going to be for for the limit unquestioned trust in authorities is the government. My example for the limit unquestioned acceptance of common sense is religion. Another example for the limit acceptance of traditional beliefs is the tooth fairy. The fourth example for the limit generalizations based on personal experience is police brutality. An example for the limit reliance on selective observations is the belief that the groundhog showing its shadow may cause the winter to be shorter. Lastly, an example for biased observation and interpretations is media coverage. My examples relate to the limits because in the first example I used the government because many people believe everything without questioning it when they know it comes from a knowledge person in power. My second example I used is religion because people may think its common sense to practice a religion since growing up they read about it in the bible, learn about in church and their family follows it. My third example is the tooth fairy because it's a familiar tradition that many parents teach to their children and the generations continue with the cycle. My fourth example is police brutality because any person who has a bad personal experience with police officers using excessive for may now believe that all polices turn to lethal and excessive force in brutal ways. My fifth example is the groundhog showing its shadow because people observe this every Groundhog Day and due to their own observations determine if the groundhog saw its shadow or not. Groundhog Day is a myth to many, but some people take this day seriously to predict the weather. Lastly, my fifth example was media coverage because many reporters use their personal preference about the people they choose to speak about. This bias can resort in good results if that person favors them or bad results if that person dislikes them. In conclusion, I choose my examples because I believe that they all show a good representation of how these limits may come into play with these examples. I choose examples that I know about based on my personal experience and my own thinking about these examples. The examples the government, religion, the tooth fairy, police brutality, the ground hog and media coverage are examples that can relate to the limits based on what I explained in the paragraphs. I believe that these examples can all accurately describe some parts of the limits and how they can be viewed in society or in the world with the explanation I gave. There are many other examples I could’ve chose to use or write about based on my own thinking, the thinking of someone I know, or a position portrayed in the media. I chose my own because I felt it would be easiest to explain why, how these examples can relate to the limits and why they are relevant to them.

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Your points make sense, and they are something to think about. I especially like the part where you talk about the blind belief in authorities. It's true that most people will believe what the government says without question. It's also the reality that human beings run the government, and we are subject to their biases if we trust everything they say.

However, you should have clearly shown the reader how this scenario limits their thinking. For example, I can say that because we don't have the full information or all the facts about a contentious political issue, we are limited in terms of how we interpret it. We can only explain what we know.

The same goes for religion. It's true that people learn religion from a very young age and due to the strong belief of those around them, they have limited information. Believers cannot tell them how religion came about or why people worship different gods even though they all have the same goal: to live a purposeful life.

The same goes for the tooth fairy. We are limited in that no one has ever seen a tooth fairy in real life, yet our parents teach us to believe in them from a young age.

In conclusion, you clearly explain how police brutality, Groundhog day, and media coverage limits our thinking. By adding the suggested parts, you can make your essay more clear, conclusive, and interesting.

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