What are the resources the districts provide for the capitol in The Hunger Games?    

Expert Answers
kateanswers eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are thirteen districts of Panem.

District One manufactures luxury goods for the Capitol, including precious gems and perfumes.

District Two's industry is masonry, and people work to mine stone, lay brick, or as blacksmiths.

District Three specializes in technology and they primarily produce computers and televisions.

District Four is a fishing district, and people may take jobs as fisherman or in various ship-related duties.

District Five specializes in energy and produces the electricity which powers all of Panem. They utilize solar, nuclear, and water power.

District Six specializes in transportation.

District Seven has lots of forested area and produces wood and paper products.

District Eight produces textiles and clothing.

District Nine is a farmland where grain is grown and harvested.

District Ten is in charge of raising cattle and producing beef.

District Eleven is also agricultural and has many fruit orchards. They also produce some wheat and cotton.

District Twelve was primarily a coal mining district, but after the Second Rebellion they switched to producing medicine.

District Thirteen produced weapons like bombs, but was destroyed in the First Rebellion.