Resolution to Support US military involvement in Central Africa NOTE: this is not a real US resolution this is a fake made by my schools Legislative Debate activity. this mock bill really says that the US will send troops to Central Africa to fight/protect/provide support against the LRA (for example).  What would be a good argument in Negation in this bill (maybe that the other countries in the UN should help, we are alreeady streached too thin, the 1990 somalia disaster)and some in affermation (stats on auful things commited in Africa, humanitarian = a big +)   Please give sites putside the eNotes( i cannot access them)

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You can access enotes by joining.  It does not cost much, and it is well worth it because it can provide you with help in every area of your studies.  As a debate coach, I know the value of research and discussions.  If you are a member, your questions and discussions are prioritized!

In regards to your specific point, I think that the situation in Africa is tenuous.  We need to come up with a global solution, as right now we do not really have the resources and the entire continent seems to be always in turmoil or on the brink of it.

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