What is the role of the African National Congress in the evolution of South African politics?

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Put simply, the African National Congress (ANC) was responsible for pushing South Africa away from apartheid.  The ANC's attitude under Nelson Mandela helped to create a new South Africa after the end of the apartheid regime.  This new South Africa is, to some extent, under threat now as the ANC seems to be moving towards one-party rule that is hostile to non-blacks.

When apartheid ended, the actions of Mandela and the ANC helped to keep South Africa stable.  They did not engage in the sort of anti-white actions that have caused so much trouble in neighboring Zimbabwe.  However, in recent years, the ANC has seemed to be moving toward a less open and democratic system.  It seems to be trying to take more power for itself and to demonize as racist any opposition to its rule.  This is a worrisome development.