The Crucible Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

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Resentment who resents who in The Crucible, and why?

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Lori Steinbach eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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I'd add the following:

The judges resent those who try to usurp or upset the court.  And, when Abigail levels her veiled threat at Judge Hathorn, he resents her implication (though not enough to dismiss her or doubt her word, apparently). 

Rev, Parris is particularly resentful of John Proctor because Proctor leads some kind of imaginary "faction" against him.

Mary Warren resents Proctor for making her tell the truth in court and alienating her from the girls (which makes her life miserable).  Once Mary rejoins the girls, she calls him out as evil.

Tituba resents her role as scapegoat in this white, "pure" community and especially resents having to take the blame for something the girls (and Mrs. Putnam) ask her to do.

John resents Elizabeth's making him feel as if he must tiptoe around in his own home after confessing his guilt.  In fact, of course, it's his own guilty conscience which he resents.

Rev. Hale resents the arrogance of the court, and namely Judge Hathorn, for not realizing the girls were lying and for being unwilling to bend just a little.

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amy-lepore eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Lots of people!  The parishioners resent Reverend Parris for his haughty ways and how nothing is good enough for him.  He wants gold candlesticks when the pewter ones work fine.  He wants firewood included in his salary, etc., etc.

Rebecca Nurse is resented by the Putnams since she has several children and grandchildren--none of them have ever died.  Goody Putnam has lost every child except the current daughter who is now afflicted.

Mr. Putnam resents others for having more land than he does.  He even puts his child up to accusing a few during the witchhunt so they will be rid of and he can swoop in and take the land.

Elizabeth resents John for having an affair with Abigail.  Likewise, Abigail resents Elizabeth for being married to John and being in her way of a "happy" life.

Giles Corey doesn't really resent, but thinks is strange that his wife likes to read so much.  When he admits it to Hale and Martha is accused as a witch, Giles definitely resents the court.


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