I need some help with research topics on banking and finance.I need as many topics as possible

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The topics for research in finance and banking are only limited by imagination.  With today’s economy at crisis level the research availability is immeasurable.  Your research topic really depends on what area of banking and finance you are studying or interested in. 

First there is the area of Micro-finance and one of the areas ripe for research in society today.  Comparisons could be made between American and European loan criteria in micro-finance.  Why is there such a rapid increase and development of international micro-finance?  Compare the micro-financial stability of banking in the United Kingdom compared to the United States.  Some people believe that in the area of micro-finance there is a need for partnerships between the company and the public.  Is this theory correct?

Maybe you aren’t into micro-finance.  Maybe you would rather research banking.  The importance of the neighborhood bank seems to be less and less important.  Can the rural areas and semi-urban areas do without the small commercial and retail bank?  What are the pros and cons to management in commercial banking?  Can we boost productivity in business and agriculture through loans from commercial banks?  What is the roll of the local bank in rural areas?

There is also financing in the emerging global market as a topic for research.  Are the emerging markets cheaper than what we already work with?  What is the financial stability of the banks in foreign countries new to the finance arena?  Is there any real efficiency in the emerging markets?

There are so many areas for research.  You could look into alternative investment opportunities, hedge funds, investments, Internet banking, corporate responsibility in banking, risk management and accounting standards.  Hope this gives you some ideas.

ozelawe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The guidelines for choosing a topic in any subject area are generally the same. The following are examples of project topics in the banking and finance area.

1. The Relationship between Ownership Structure and Firm Performance: An Empirical Analysis of Companies Listed in the Stock Exchange.  2. The Role of Electronic Banking (e- banking) in the development of Financial Institutions in ... (your Country).

Think of a problem that needs to be solved. Read relevant materials to have an undestanding of the problem.

Be specific about the problem. Ensure that you narrow it down to a solvable form. Difficulties often arise when the topic is too broad.

Ensure it is researchable. Other people have written on it before.


hery | Student

I think what you need here is a thesis statement for your research, because bank and finance can be the major topic. To determine a thesis statement you must answer these two basic questions:

(1) What do you know/have know?

(2) What you want to know more?

Then, you can start narrow down what you want to set up as a thesis for your research. Looking journal in the field is a good start to find interesting research topic. At the conclusion of some journal article, the author mentioned the limitation of their study and what they hope can be done if they have more money or time. They sometimes also mentioned what they suggested others who have the same interest to do on expanding/improving their research.

All the suggestion posted before mine is excellent suggestions. I can add more on those suggestions:

1) How banking products of investment differ from products of investment of others financial institutions?

2) Analyzing 3 - 5 years financial reports of a bank published on the web, or probably you may compare the financial reports of two bank in one year. Comparing the performance of the bank over the year or comparing in between bank.

3) Describing how Islamic bank system can be distinguished from common commercial bank system is also a unique thesis. You may focus on the term of investment these bank use.

Good luck with your research.



avasbruce | Student

Study Islamic Finance. It's an interesting topic not many people have studied in the West. Or do Micro-finance and Grameen Bank - that's also a hot topic in development and in the developing world.

daskalos | Student

I would recomend research on how these are taught in the high school setting.  As these are real life tools how are they cover in High School Economics or Business class?

owusu | Student
Assessing the Determinant of customers choice of a bank. evaluation of the workling capital management on the profitability of manufacturing firms
krishna-agrawala | Student

As it appears to me, the most important task before you is to select a topic, although you mention that you need as many topics as possible.

Listing of too many topics can only increase your confusion in choosing out of them. Also, you need to choose a topic that is relevant for for your course. Thus, the primary source of idea for research topic must be your own course material. What topic interest me or someone else not familiar with your course content will not be an appropriate criteria for your choice of topic.

You can adopt the following step by step approach to select a topic that best meets your course requirements, as well as best suits your interests and abilities.

  1. Be clear about the research topic requirement as specified for the course.
  2. Also be clear about the effort that you can put in the research assignments in terms of length of your report, time available for completion, and time effort and money you can spend on collecting data.
  3. Quickly identify about a dozen topics from your course material that you feel can be suitable. At this stage there is no need to examine each topic in great detail.
  4. For each of the listed topics examine the feasibility of completing the research within your limitations. This should leave you with a short list of three or four most appropriate topics.
  5. Examine this topics in greater detail to see if all the information and other inputs required for the project will be available. At this stage you may also consider your own interest. Based on all these considerations you can select one topic.
  6. Record in writing the topic chosen by you, along with a short description of its scope. Also describe briefly the various data collection and analysis task that you will need to carry out for the project.

In steps 4 and 5 above, it may be a good idea to consult your teacher, guide, or supervisor to help you assess the feasibility of doing research on any particular topic. Also it will be good to discuss the final choice with your guide have the final writeup in step 6 approved by him or her.

brodericky | Student

well u can do corporate finance , sme financing , project financing ,credit appraisal process of banks in various finance topics


milove | Student

some of these topics could be on internal controls , the impact of microfinance on the community  or The importance of electronic banking etc.

rksudhir | Student







quest1 | Student

I need suggestions for a research question concerning operations management at a local bank. Any help in this regard is appreciated! :)

demmy75 | Student

yes, I need several topics on Banking and Finance to enable write my thesis

kkoo1370 | Student

behavioral finance or islamic banking

unrealown | Student

I would recomend research on how these are taught in the high school setting. GOOD IDEA :D


bigbanker | Student

i need answers