For a research project about ancient Egyptians mummies, I need some help. 

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First of all, if you live anywhere near a large city such as New York, Boston, Chicago, or Los Angeles, you can begin your research in the art museums there. In the Art Institute of Chicago, for example, there are some very interesting specimens in the "basement." At any rate, do not forget that virtual field trips are available which will present a wealth of pictures and information. In addition, a real library, especially in a city, will have reference books that can assist you as well as a living librarian who can make helpful suggestions and aid your search since there are any number of reference books which will provide the history of the Egyptian culture that produced mummies.

You may wish to begin by explaining that the preservation of the human body was important because the ancient Egyptians believed in an afterlife, and bodies had to be preserved for this next life. Interestingly, there is a theory that the pyramids were made as a machine for resurrection. Scenes were painted on the walls of these pyramids because the Egyptians believed that certain prayers by the priests would bring these scenes to life. World Book Encyclopedia explains,

Many Egyptians bought texts containing prayers, hymns, spells, and other information to guide souls through the afterlife, protect them from evil, and provide for their needs....Collections of these texts are known as the Book of the Dead.

Perhaps, then, you may wish to organize your research by (1) the history of the beliefs of the Egyptians and then (2) an explanation of the mummification process. (3) If you are allowed to include power point or a visual explication with your research, this might add interest.

arrellbelle | Student

In order to write a three page essay about Egyptian Mummies, with an introduction, body, and conclusion. I suggest you that you research main points that seem interesting to include within the paper. Start with a description of what a mummy is, why the Egyptians do such a ritual, how a mummy is created, and possibly mention other countries that practice similar rituals.

amysor | Student

Here on, we do not write your essays or do your assignments, but guide you as best as we can or give suggestions. I suggest using the how to guides, it breaks down on what should a research paper be composed of.

wert | Student

This is an essay, I can not use powerpoint, I need more information from you to finish my paper.

How can I start my introduction, the body and the conclusion

I have to do 3 pages