I want to know how to write a research paper about Sexual Abuse Victim.

Expert Answers
proteach40 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To start your paper, you should first clarify what creates the victim of abuse.  Is it family, neighbors?  What are the signs?  What is the impact both socially and psychologically on the victim?  These questions can be introduced in your introduction and statistics that you use in answering them. 

They should lead to your thesis which might focus on several avenues:  identifying victims, treatment of victims--both by legal authorities and socially by family or peers, counseling options for victims, support for victims or agencies who aid in victim recovery or shelter. 

The bulk of your research depends solely on your thesis.  What are you trying to prove by this research?  Or are you attempting to highlight something that already exists? 

Lastly, all I can offer you is type of research style--MLA or APA.  Depending on your level of education for this paper, I can't suggest a style.  If you need more assistance, please let me know and send more information.

wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The more interesting question, because less often explored, is what can be done to reduce the trauma and psychological damage to the victim when the abuse is finally revealed.  Everyone who has had some exposure to sexuality before coming of age is not a total wreck or damaged beyond repair.  For example, when an adult hears of some other victim, the automatic response is often "Was I abused that time when my uncle grabbed me to help me out of the pool?" or some such event.  Even more blatant and obvious occurences do not automatically cause trauma.  And what of the exaggeration and parental questionable motives and legal shadow over these events - blackmails, child custody disputes, family quarrels, etc.?  Of course no-one is condoning these activities.  I'm just saying that a fruitful essay avenue might be this area of the subject.