Research Paper Select one of the following issues affecting the workplace and working environment.  You may narrow the range of the topic by choosing a subtopic.  Develop a paper that discusses...

Research Paper

Select one of the following issues affecting the workplace and working environment.  You may narrow the range of the topic by choosing a subtopic.  Develop a paper that discusses the issue you have chosen, your subtopic if applicable, and how your topic has or is affecting the work environment you are currently part of.  Also discuss how the problem(s) could be solved using various social controls (i.e., laws, organizational policies/practices, training/education, government or corporate investment) and explain what potential social or economic benefits may result if your recommended changes were implemented.

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It seems you are at the very beginning/brainstorming stage of this paper.

If this were MY assignment (considering the last part about using your own workplace in your discussion), I'd choose the one topic or sub-topic that was most personally relevant to me.  If your office seems free of many of the above issues, pick the one it needs work in.  If your office seems to tackle on of the above issues particularly well, write about that.  In this case, I'd choose the topic that would have the most substance to research and write about.

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Family and childcare issues for single parents working in a company is not a new issue, but it is certainly a persistent one.  Economists can identify the number of people who are unemployed but are no longer searching for work, and a percentage of those people are ones who have done the simple math which tells them that too large a chunk of what they earn will have to be devoted to childcare to justify spending so much time away from the kids in their formative years.

So government policy in general, and company policies specifically, can create more friendly environments for parents and single parents by either subsidizing child care or developing their own child care program right at the place of business.  This cuts down on absenteeism, increases worker satisfaction and loyalty, and correspondingly would increase productivity.

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Health insurance and wellness is a huge issue.  Doing health insurance might be a little too hard given all the complications in trying to make sure that everyone has it.  Maybe you could look at wellness in the workplace.

Many workplaces are working on wellness programs because their insurance companies reward them for it.  So that might be the best source of change -- having more insurance companies offer their clients price breaks for having effective wellness programs.  If these programs truly are effective, they could reduce the levels of various chronic health problems (particularly those brought on by obesity, lack of exercise, stress, etc) and could reduce health care costs.

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This would be easier if we had the list of workplace issues. I would argue that one significant workplace problem today is morale. Since so many jobs have been cut, and the economy seems so unstable, people worry. This worry does affect their job performance.
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  • Substance abuse
  • Health, wellness, and health insurance
  • Family and childcare issues for single head of households
  • Race, ethnicity, gender identity
  • Workplace crime and honest dealing
  • Wage disparity across gender, race, and ethnicity


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