Research one program that's in a juvenile halfway house

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A halfway house is a facility where people who have had a break with the social norms can reside and learn how to become positively functioning members of civilized society.  A juvenile halfway house is expressly for minors who have found themselves at a loss as to how to mature and become responsible adults, free from any negative components that have taken over their development. A successful facility will have an integration of a variety of core programs.

There is a proper education program that will allow them to keep up with their peers and offer them the chance to return to school on a level with others their age.  This might also include an opportunity to graduate from the halfway house’s own school.

Another important program would be one that helps them develop positive values and self-awareness.  Many successful programs introduce an animal care program as a way to help foster the importance of routine and a sense of being dependable.  

When a troubled teenager is given the responsibility in an animal care program, they are responsible for feeding, watering, grooming and loving their new charge.  This fosters the need to set aside selfish ways and creates a sense of duty and responsibility because they see the effect of their actions making them more able to step outside of their troubles and produce a positive impact.

Some facilities have work programs to introduce the young person to a sense of accepting responsibilities and having a say in their lives.

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