• Research and compare one male sporting event and one female sporting event, and address the following issues:
    • From your observations of the two sporting events, as well as your own experiences, what are the similarities and differences in the ways that male athletes and female athletes think about sports, play sports, and reap rewards from sports?
    • What are the similarities and differences in the ways that coaches coach, fans support, and the sports media cover male and female athletics, and to what degree, if at all, do these shape the way that male athletes and female athletes experience sports?
    • Finally, which of the two “sports experiences” do you prefer?

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This is a great question! There's a lot to unpack here. Since this assignment allows you to use your own experiences as a resource, it may be helpful to start by asking yourself some questions before you gather outside evidence.

What's your personal relationship with sports? Do you currently play them? If so, when did you start? Whose idea was it—yours, or did someone guide you toward them? How about watching them as a spectator—is that something you enjoy? Did you watch them when you were growing up? Who did you watch them with?

Now, think about how your gender comes into play. How, if at all, do you think it has influenced your answers to the above questions over the course of your life? Do you think your relationship with sports would be different if your gender were different? Would you have been encouraged to have less of an interest? More of an interest? The same?

For the media portion of the assignment, you might try a comparative analysis of their media reach. Find two sporting events that fans of those sports would consider equivalent. How many Google search results do you see for the male event? How many for the female? What about the players—how many Google results do the star players of each team have?

How many of the players on the male teams can you name without looking? How about the female teams? How many can your friends name? Did you gain that knowledge actively, through your own interest and research? Or did you gain it passively, by being exposed to more information about one team than the other?

Do you think this system is good? Bad? Somewhere in between? How does it make you feel about the opportunities that exist for promising young athletes in our culture?

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