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Research a culture that you are not affiliated with or did not grow up in, and compare it to you own in relation to deviant behavior. Make sure to use at least one specific similarity and one difference in your discussion. Cite your resources.

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Deviant behavior refers to acts that violate cultural norms. Every culture has both formal and informal rules about how people should act in various situations. Deviant behavior can include serious violations like criminal acts or less serious offenses that involve actions judged inappropriate in particular contexts.

Your first step in completing this assignment will be to choose a culture that is not your own. If you are of European heritage, you might choose an African American, Mexican American, or Native American culture to compare with your own. Now do some research about the culture you've chosen. You might focus in on criminal activity trends within that culture, or you might choose to concentrate on something like funeral customs, religious practices, or language usage.

Let's take a look at a particular example to help you get started. We'll think about funeral customs. Some cultures see funerals as solemn occasions, a time for seriousness and restraint. Funerals in such cultures may be religious, with various services and prayers that tend toward quiet mourning. Other cultures, however, express their grief much differently. Some celebrate the life of the deceased person with music and dancing and even laughter. Think, for instance, of the bands that often accompany funerals in New Orleans. Others allow for loud expressions of grief, wailing, or shouts, for instance.

Deviant behavior would occur when someone attending a funeral does not follow the norms of a culture. If someone starts laughing loudly at a funeral where such is not allowed, this is deviant behavior. Alternately, if a person scolds someone who is dancing and singing at a funeral in which such things are accepted and encouraged, this, too, would be deviant behavior.

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