Does the first paragraph of "Eveline" predict the end?

Expert Answers
sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In a way, it certainly foreshadows the situation Eveline finds herself in as the story closes.  In the first paragraph she is alone and staring out a window - perhaps looking out upon the world that moving along while she is by herself and motionless. 

In the end, Eveline is again alone and motionless and the crowds of people sweep past her on to the boat.  She watches them go, but does not go with them.  Comparing the two scenes, readers can assume that the character of Eveline is doomed to inaction throughout her life.

ftosh | Student

in some way yes.

in the first paragraph we can notice that eveline has no active in her life ; paralyzied; and she always confused. she can't choose her dirction in life by her self ; she cant make up her mind. we cant predicit that she will choose to stay and not leaving with frank because in the first paragraph no informatins are mentined but we can predicit a bad end .