The Great Depression Questions and Answers

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Which of the following is true?  With regard to the Great Depression, the Republican Party was... A. blamed, rightly or wrongly, by most Americans for the depression. B. expected to maintain control despite the Depression. C. quickly nominated FDR to fight the Depression. D. all the above. My answer choice is D.

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D is not the correct answer in this case.  The correct answer is A.

The best way to know that D is not the right answer is to note that C is not correct.   C says that the Republicans nominated Franklin D. Roosevelt for president.  But that is not true.  Roosevelt was a Democrat.  He ran against Herbert Hoover, the incumbent Republican, in 1932.

When Roosevelt won in a landslide, it was not at all unexpected.  People blamed the Republicans for the Depression (making A correct) and expected that they would lose the election (making B incorrect).  So, the right answer is A.

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