The Republican campaign slogan was "A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage'. Explain what this meant and how it worked for the candidate.

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Such a slogan helps to advance the Republican faith in economic progress being felt by as many people as possible.  It seemed that the Republicans conceived of such a slogan with the belief that the economic progress and material wealth present for many in the 1920s United States would continue for some time.  It became of vital importance to ensure that this materialistic optimism could be relayed to as many people as possible.  The implications of "chicken in every pot" and "car in every garage" also appealed to upwardly mobile individuals that were desirous for greater material wealth.  Ensuring an idea that would be telling in future elections that most Americans vote with their wallets, the Republican slogan was rooted in the belief that economic progress would be sustainable for a great deal of time.

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This was not Hoover's actual slogan, but it was more or less the slogan used by a Republican ad during this campaign.

The idea behind this is that the Republicans would bring prosperity.  They would make everyone wealthy enough to afford those things that they mentioned.  (I've read that back then chicken was more expensive than beef.)  So, Hoover ran on the idea that he would be able to bring continued prosperity to the American people.

This worked for Hoover because the economy had been going well under Harding and Coolidge and so people trusted the Republicans.

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